Eclipse 550 Safety

Fly Safe. Fly Fast. Fly an Eclipse 550.

At Eclipse, we take particular pride in the safety record of our fleet. We designed the Eclipse Jet to be flown single pilot, adding safety features that other light jets can only dream about — features that heighten awareness of weather, traffic and other obstacles in flight. We have streamlined control of the Eclipse Jet to make piloting your own jet a less formidable task. Simply put: we built the Eclipse 550 to be safe and easy to fly.

Dual (Redundant) Avio IFMS

The majority of pilot / owners fly the aircraft as a single pilot, having complete confidence in the capabilities of the Avio system to act as their virtual copilot. The Eclipse avionics system features a redundant Integrated Flight Management System, Class 3 E-charts, FADEC engine control, and XM Satellite Weather. The high resolution MFD / PFD displays control all of the major aircraft systems. Dual WAAS / SBAS beta-3 GPS receivers from IS&S are utilized for precise navigation. With enhanced situational awareness, electronic charts and maps, display and control of the aircraft systems, and the integrated autopilot control panel, the pilot is provided with the most advanced Flight Management System available in a light jet.

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Stop in as Little as 700 feet!

The electronically activated Anti-Skid Brake system in the Eclipse 550 allows for maximum braking energy and skid control. Testing has shown the Anti-Skid Braking system to stop an aircraft at normal landing speeds (approximately 70 knots) in approximately 700 feet.