The Avio Integrated Flight Management System

Your Virtual Copilot

The Dual Avio Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS) on the Eclipse 550 is an incredibly advanced system whose purpose is simple: make piloting the Eclipse Jet safe and easy. By reducing the number of switches and dials in the cockpit and creating an easy to use synoptic page for each aircraft system, the design team at Eclipse has simplified the act of flying by producing pilot controls that are more intuitive.

Avio Versions

Integrated Controls: for Flying Single Pilot

The Integrated Flight Management System in the Eclipse 550 greatly reduces pilot workload, and in effect acts as a virtual copilot. Avio IFMS provides digital avionics with demonstrated airline reliability and systems capability unparalleled in the very light jet segment. Avio IFMS features an Integrated Flight Management System, Class 3 E-charts, and XM Satellite Weather. The 13 microprocessors in the IS&S displays control all the major aircraft systems. Dual WAAS / SBAS beta-3 GPS receivers are utilized for precise navigation. With the enhanced situational awareness, electronic charts and maps, display and control of the aircraft systems and the integrated autopilot control panel, the pilot is provided with the most advanced FMS available for the light jet class.

Integrated FMS Includes:
  • Airways and Victor Routes
  • Coupled LPV Approach
  • Vector to Final
  • OBS Mode
  • RNP (Auto / Manual)
  • Easy Insertion of Waypoints
  • Easy Insertion of Holding Patterns
  • Parallel Offsets
  • Procedure Turns and Holding Patterns
  • Active Waypoint Information
  • Missed Approach Information
  • Destination Waypoint Information
  • Nearest / On-Route Airports
  • Ability to Store 99 Flight Plans
Standard Mapping Features:
  • Complete Route on Map
  • Progressive Zooming to Reduce Workload
  • Aircraft Position Information
  • Scroll on Airport Information
  • On-Screen Display of Airways High & Low
  • On-Screen Display of Airspaces & Airport Runways
  • On-Screen Display of Navaids / Intersections
  • On-Screen Display of Stormscope Satellite Weather
  • Graphical Freezing Levels
  • Graphical Winds Aloft
  • NexRad / Metars TAF

550 / SE / PLUS

Avio IFMS in the Eclipse 550: Dual Avio IFMS with additional attitude indicators. Improved microprocessors allow for auto throttles, enhanced vision, synthetic vision, TAS, and more.


AvioNG IFMS in the Total Eclipse: Includes a full auto-pilot coupled FMS with vertical and lateral GPS navigation, E-charts, and XM weather overlay on the Multi-Function Display.

Avio 1.5 - Avio 1.7

AvioNG 1.7 in the Eclipse: Dual Garmin 400 GPS coupled to the autopilot, with E-charts and XM weather overlay on the MFD (1.7 only).

Avio 1.0 - Avio 1.3

AvioNG 1.3 in the Eclipse Jet: The original AvioNG system in the Eclipse jet.